Edcamp 101

What is edcamp?
Well-known as the un-conference, Edcamp is a day for educators to come to the table and deepen their understanding of their craft by creating a day of professional development that truly meets the needs of every single attendee. Participants will submit their ideas for sessions upon arrival, whether its something they'd like to learn more about, or an idea they feel they have had success with. From there, participants will "vote with their feet" by attending (or not attending) sessions to determine the make-up of the day's content. [Clock hours will be available.]

Who is it for?
Anyone involved with education (teachers, specialists, administrators, district personnel, pre-service teachers and even students with an eye toward improving the learning experience)
Why edcamp?
We do this because educators deserve to learn the things that will help us give students the best education they can possibly get, so that they are prepared to create a better world.

What Is An Edcamp?